30 December 2018

Christmas Party 2018

I love Christmas. And I am reliving my childhood with my daughter now. Doing all the things my parents did for us when we were little. Tying the stocking to her crib, opening the presents. And like all kids she loves presents. 

Our guest list was short this year as we had our dear friends visiting us from SFO. I designed the menu keeping in mind the Christmas theme and items that could come together in no more than 30 minutes. Also, I didn't want to have proper mains. Just finger food that would be filling too.

It's not the same hosting a party after having a kid. My schedule revolves around hers. This time against my better judgement I did no prep work for this party. Yes, husband said why waste additional days. Just prepare what you can on the day. Enjoy the holidays. Not a good idea. 

Thank fully the menu I had in mind didn't demand a lot of prepping. This was put together in one single day, expect for peeling the garlic and removing the whites from the Oreo the night before while watching television. 

My guests enjoyed each of the dishes. The Chocolate Hazelnut Tarts were my showstoppers. Surprisingly, the Chocolate Stuffed Strawberries were devoured in minutes (Secret, they came together in minutes too). 

Unfortunately we have been a sick house this week. Our entire family has been down with flu. Will try and post the recipes soon but until then, enjoy the visuals.